How To Remove DRM From Your Music

Apple are now offering us the option of re-buying our music in order of taking the DRM (copy protection) off the music we’ve already purchased.

Wow, thanks for that Apple, I really appreciate the opportunity of buying my music twice.

Well you don’t have to. There’s an easier and cheaper way of doing it.

Visit for the full details.


New Mac Users – Confused About Font Book?

A little confused about how and where to add new fonts to your Mac? has several new articles on the subject as well as where to get some really cool fonts to add to your collection.

How To Load Fonts On A Mac

Where To Get Good Quality Fonts – Free & Paid

Creattica Daily – have posted  a list of free typefaces for download

How To Use Twitter

Here’s a Hulu video on ‘How To Get Started on Twitter’

If you’re not within the United States but would still like to view Hulu videos, visit our lesson on LearnMacsOnline to find out how.

How To Put Folders In Your Dock

I got an email from someone asking for help in finding their Downloads folder which was once in their Dock but is now missing. They knew the Trash hasn’t been emptied but yet it was nowhere to be found.

First off, don’t worry. Losing icons or folders from your dock is nothing to worry about. The icons you see in the dock are just an alias of the application and can pulled out at anytime disappearing in a puff of smoke. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. It’s fun the first couple of times : )

The dock is laid out with applications to the left of the separator line and folders to the right.

(image 1)

(image 1)

Now, getting back to the Download folder. To find it again, go to your user folder and you’ll find it in there among the Desktop, Document and other folders that you may have created on your mac.
(See image 1)

To get that folder back into your dock again, click on the folder and drag it down to your dock. (This also works for any application icon) When you hover it over the folders that are already there a space will open up allowing you to drop the folder onto the dock. (See image 2)

(image 2)

(image 2)

(image 3)

(image 3)

Once the folder is back in the dock, to change it’s appearance from Stacks to Folder, right click / control click on the folder to reveal the folder menu and choose ‘Display as Folder’ (See image 3)

You should now once again have your downloads folder back in your dock.

Another article that may be of interest:

Customize your dock with the help of third party software

Visit for more tutorials

How To Fix Apple TV Error 3689

This article gives step by step instructions on fixing this port error if you have a Linksys router, specifically a WRT160N Router.

After using my Apple TV for nine months without incidence suddenly one night I was faced with this Port 3689 Error. At first I couldn’t think what if anything on my system was different. I hadn’t changed any of my security, firewall or router settings, then I remembered iTunes. Earlier that day Apple had released a software update for iTunes which I had downloaded. Could that be it?

After Googling this error it seems that it’s pretty common except there doesn’t seem to be one definite fix for it. The main problem is that the error asks you to open port 3689 but the Firewall in Leopard doesn’t allow you to open specific ports and I didn’t like the suggestion of clicking on “Allow All Incoming Connections”. Didn’t work anyway.

So where to then? Your router. I’ll show you exactly what I did to fix error 3689 and hopefully if works for you too. At the end of the article I’ll also give you the other fixes to try.

Apple TV Error 3689 – Unable to Sync Apple TV


Apple TV is not responding, check firewall and allow communications on port 3689. Here’s how I fixed it.

Enter Your Router Settings


You enter your router settings through your web browser.
Open a new page in your web browser.
Enter and press return
If you have set up security settings on your router you will now be asked for your username and password.

If this is the first time you’re doing this leave the username blank and type admin as the password. (This is the usually way of setting up Linksys routers but refer to your router documentation if this does not work)

How To Open Port 3689


When you access your Router it will look similar to this. This is the setup for the Linksys WRT160N.
Click on the Applications & Gaming Tab


Navigate to Single Port Forwarding.

Enter information exactly into your router as I have here except where I’ve marked with the red box – this information may be different.

Your router hands out IP Addresses to all your devices, wired and wireless. In this case the IP Address for my Apple TV was as above but yours may differ. To find the IP Address for your Apple TV go to your Apple TV > Settings > General > Network.


One Final Step

Once all these new settings are in place, restart both your computer and Apple TV and fingers crossed all will be working again.

You may need to re-add your Apple TV to iTunes again (where you add the numbers so they see each other) but that done syncing should commence : )

Some Other Fixes To Try

In your firewall click “Allow All Incoming Settings”
In your firewall settings, Remove iTunes from specific services and applications and add it again. Sometimes after a software update the firewall doesn’t recognize the port updates.
Turn off all automatic launch software. Background network noise can sometimes upset things. You’ll find these in your System Preferences > Account > Login Items

Good Luck,

Setting Up Sync for .Mac & Mobile Me

Setting Up Sync for .Mac & Mobile Me

If setting up Sync for the first time, the following steps will walk you through it.

If you’ve already set up your Syncing but still have some questions when it comes to updating your data, bypass the first few steps and jump down to ‘Syncing Your Data’.

Setting Up Sync For The First Time

The sync preferences are to be found in your System Preferences – .Mac

Sign Into Your .Mac Account

1. Before setting up syncing you must be signed into your .mac account.

2. Once you’ve done that, click on Sync.

Setting Syncing Preferences

This is the Sync Panel. It’s where you can set up the frequency of your syncing, what you want to sync and if you’d like to see the syncing status in your menu bar.

You don’t have to sync everything on the list, check or uncheck the box next to each item to set up the syncing for that particular item or application.

If you’re setting up for Mobile Me, your calendars and contacts need to be set up for syncing.

Sync Extra Applications

If you scroll down, other applications that support syncing will appear on this list so you have the option if you wish to backup to your iDisk / Mobile Me Disk, or sync between other machines on your network.

Advanced – This is where you can register other computers on your network.

Syncing Computers On A Network

Optional – If you have more than one or more machines on a network that you want to keep synced, register each machine in this advanced panel.

* Each computer needs to be registered separately from it’s own syncing preference panel.

Ready To Sync

Once you’ve set all your preferences, click on ‘Sync Now’

Sync Alerts

Sync Alert Options

You can choose different syncing rules for each application.

Viewing Details

If you encounter an alert such as this, by clicking on Show Details to see what is being added, modified or deleted.

Resolving Sync Conflicts

This conflict refers to colors set in iCal for a calendar.

By clicking from one panel to the other you’ll notice that your options to resolve conflicts from location will also change. If addressing a conflict from iCal you can choose to resolve the issue by the rules on your machine or .mac

Resolving Conflicts – speed it up

Clicking on ‘Resolve all similar conflicts’ will save you having to go through each similar conflict one by one. Once all conflicts are resolved click Done to continue.

Backup Backup Backup

If syncing for the first time it’s always a good idea to have a backup of your data before trying something new, so that if something goes wrong and you loose your data, you’ll only have to go back to your last backup to retrieve your data again.

Backing up your data should be a daily occurrence but if you’ve let that side of things slide I recommend looking into Time Machine or SuperDuper. You can get download a free trial at

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Setting Up Screen Zoom Functions

Setting Up Screen Zoom Functions

Want to get a little closer to your screen? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be there in no time.

Open System Preferences

Click on Universal Access

Universal Access Panel > Seeing

The zoom preferences are in the seeing screen.

Turn on Zoom – I’ve highlighted the box that has the keycodes that turns zoom on and off.

Enable access for assistive

Options – Recommended Settings

Steps 1 to 4 – these are recommended settings only.

Once you feel more comfortable you can try different settings to see which suits you best.

Step 5 – You can set your own keycode for this setting. I have set the control key to work with the scroll key on my mouse to zoom in on the screen

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