Congratulations, you’ve either a Mac user, a switcher or on the edge thinking about jumping to the Mac side. Either way welcome and nice to meet you. If you’re a switcher or a soon to be jumper then you’re one of the lucky ones to of found the site that’s going to help you through the transition and get you up and going with your new machine.

This is the blog to the site www.learnmacsonline.com. The site for new and not so new Mac owners who have jumped sides and made the switch to Mac.

While the main site is dedicated to Mac related items and helping Mac users, the blog may stray from time to time to cover other interests. It may be the gossip of the day on Twitter, Microsofts’ latest lame advertising attempt to get at Apple or simply what’s making me laugh or cringe right now.

If I don’t know from post to post then I guess you’ll have to keep coming back to see what’s next then won’t you?

Twitter Bird

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  1. I’ve been searching all over the net to try and figure out why the email function on my iphoto doesn’t work. It used to work, now it doesn’t. After composing the image, selecting the size, it comes up as error type -10825. Any suggestions? It’s very frustrating not to be able to access this function. HMMMMMMM? Thanks!

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