A Recent Visit To Kilkenny & Arts Week…

I had the pleasure recently of being in the mediaeval city of Kilkenny, Ireland during it’s famous Arts Week when I came across more than a few characters. I have been lucky to of had the opportunity to travel in my life but as far and wide as I have flown Kilkenny still holds a special place for me. It’s like I always say when people ask what Ireland is like, “when the sun shines, there’s no other place on earth like it”.

Artist Daniel Lenihan with his painting 'Capital Heads'

Artist Daniel Lenihan with his painting 'Capital Heads'

Meet Daniel Lenihan. Daniel, an artist had a novel way of selling his house. Instead of putting his house on the market he decided to give his house away to whom ever bought his painting. His tactic bought him quite a lot of free publicity even getting him a mention in one of the national daily newspapers. You have to admire his spirit.

Kilkenny Lads

Kilkenny Lads

I came across this lads while walking around the city and they asked if I’d take their photo so I happily obliged.

In no particular: Dean Malone, Eoghan O’Connor, Ople Burke, Nathan Culleton, Jamie Cahal and Robbie Hayes. Hope I got names some what right boys.

If you’re ever traveling around Ireland and wondering where you should visit, Kilkenny is definitely a stop to make. With it’s rich history and hopping nightlife, I challenge anyone not to find something to their liking.


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