Will Mac or PC Matter in the Future?

What type of computer do you use? It’s a questions that been asked now for the past two decades and even more so since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iMac bringing the Macintosh into our homes and making it a household PC and not just an industry machine.

In the ten years since the introduction of the iMac, we’ve seen Apple and the Mac grow in leaps and bounds. But hardware isn’t the only one thats expanding. Software is growing and maturing with our needs also. As applications have gotten more powerful computers have grown to meet that need but software is now moving in a different direction, hence the question will the type of computer matter in the future?

The Winds of Change
But times they are a changing, with broadband access widening and speeds increasing, being online is now more than just surfing the net. When once you either used Microsoft Office on either the PC or Mac, ‘Cloud Computing’ has now given us the ability to do such tasks online without a thought of operating systems. Social networks work the same, we can all converse regardless of our computer preference, online data backup is becoming a daily occurrence and even the powerhouse Adobe has thrown their hat into the ring with Photoshop Express, an online image application.

That Age Old Question?
Of course there’s no dispute we’ll always need our computers and more importantly superior operating systems for the more hard cord of applications. But certain applications are moving towards being completely independent of the age old question Mac or PC? Many have already made the move online one being the accounting application Quickbooks. Instead of physically loading software on their computer users can now simply login online for all the same features and even more advantages.  and others are already online only, Google being the first to jump to mind with their suite of productivity tools.

So, will the Mac or PC debate still rage on in 10 or 15 years? Well we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. I know which side of the fence I sit on and if you take a look at the name of this blog it should be obvious to you too. But if you really have to ask, OK.

In the similar words of a competitor “I Am A Mac”.


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