Fix Your Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball

I’m a huge Mighty Mouse fan, have a couple of them in fact. But every now and then the scrolling ball acts up and doesn’t roll as freely as it should. If this happens to you here’s a fix for it.

Bring your Mighty Mouse Scroll ball back to life


How To Remove DRM From Your Music

Apple are now offering us the option of re-buying our music in order of taking the DRM (copy protection) off the music we’ve already purchased.

Wow, thanks for that Apple, I really appreciate the opportunity of buying my music twice.

Well you don’t have to. There’s an easier and cheaper way of doing it.

Visit for the full details.

Logo Design Inspiration

Looking for Devine Design Inspiration?  This site offers is in spades.

New Mac Users – Confused About Font Book?

A little confused about how and where to add new fonts to your Mac? has several new articles on the subject as well as where to get some really cool fonts to add to your collection.

How To Load Fonts On A Mac

Where To Get Good Quality Fonts – Free & Paid

Creattica Daily – have posted  a list of free typefaces for download

Jasper Wong joins forces with Rebel Scholar


Graphic artist Jasper Wong, best known for his cartoon icons and graphic interpretations of Mr T. has joined forces with iPhone case maker Rebel Scholar. The cases are by no means your everyday run of the mill cases. First of all made by the company known to the make the $100 iPhone cases (yes, I said $100).

They are laser etched in an interesting transparent design of his characters and are available in 5 colors, El Lucha Gold, Unicorn Pirate Silver, Chairman Wow Blue, Pitiful Fool Pink (Jaspers favorite color) and Toasty Bandit Bruiser, and offer UV coating as an option. Oh, and did I mention that they are quite eye catching. The gold one has especially caught mine.

In The Pursuit of iPhone Beauty

I have a problem, in pursuit of the perfect case I have become an iPhone case junkie.

I now have in my procession a shinny new iPhone 3GS. After dropping a not so subtle in your face hint to my husband that that’s what I wanted for my birthday (he usually needs help in that department) the darling that he is, said “if you want one why wait? Lets get you one now” and I didn’t need to be told twice.

But wonderful as my husband is, he’s also not stupid. One, he knows I probably wouldn’t of been able to hold out until my birthday and would of gone out and got one anyway as my birthday is two months away, and Two, he’s now off the hook as he suggested we get my gift early and had I gone out and bought it myself he’d still have the dilemma come B day.

But back to my shiny new toy. I love it sleekness and hate having to sully it with a big bulky case but alas it’s a necessity. Which lead me down the road to my iPhone case addition. It all started with my first iPhone 2G and case number one which was a clear and see through style which my husband bought me and I thought would be perfect. But it was big and bulky, especially as I like to put my phone in my pocket. Then I found what I thought was going to be the case of all cases, it was so thin and mirrored the back of my phone and it just clicked on. Of course it offered no protection if I were to drop the phone but it looked so good I overlooked the point. I much prefer the naked iPhone look and feel.But to my dismay I discovered my case of all cases was scratching the sides of my phone. From there I go to silicone and the list goes on.

OK, Can you see where I’m going with this? Protection versus aesthetics, and guess which one is winning?

You see I’m not content to put one case on my phone and  just leave it like that, nor am I content to cover up those beautiful lines that makes the iPhone the iPhone. If Steve Jobs wanted us to carry square boxes there wouldn’t be an iPhone.

Design and beauty are almost as important to me as the inner workings.

So now new phone, and the search begins all over again. My search however has not totally been in vain. I have found the perfect screen protector. The Power Support Anti-Glare Film from the Apple Store is the best I have come across. Hate finger marks on your screen then this is the one for you.

The one product I haven’t tried is invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG. I’ve watched the demo video on their site and wondered could it really be that good. If there’s anyone out there that’s tried it leave a comment and let me know how it’s worked for you. If it’s as good as they say it would meet all my needs, beauty and protection rolled into one.

Will Mac or PC Matter in the Future?

What type of computer do you use? It’s a questions that been asked now for the past two decades and even more so since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iMac bringing the Macintosh into our homes and making it a household PC and not just an industry machine.

In the ten years since the introduction of the iMac, we’ve seen Apple and the Mac grow in leaps and bounds. But hardware isn’t the only one thats expanding. Software is growing and maturing with our needs also. As applications have gotten more powerful computers have grown to meet that need but software is now moving in a different direction, hence the question will the type of computer matter in the future?

The Winds of Change
But times they are a changing, with broadband access widening and speeds increasing, being online is now more than just surfing the net. When once you either used Microsoft Office on either the PC or Mac, ‘Cloud Computing’ has now given us the ability to do such tasks online without a thought of operating systems. Social networks work the same, we can all converse regardless of our computer preference, online data backup is becoming a daily occurrence and even the powerhouse Adobe has thrown their hat into the ring with Photoshop Express, an online image application.

That Age Old Question?
Of course there’s no dispute we’ll always need our computers and more importantly superior operating systems for the more hard cord of applications. But certain applications are moving towards being completely independent of the age old question Mac or PC? Many have already made the move online one being the accounting application Quickbooks. Instead of physically loading software on their computer users can now simply login online for all the same features and even more advantages.  and others are already online only, Google being the first to jump to mind with their suite of productivity tools.

So, will the Mac or PC debate still rage on in 10 or 15 years? Well we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. I know which side of the fence I sit on and if you take a look at the name of this blog it should be obvious to you too. But if you really have to ask, OK.

In the similar words of a competitor “I Am A Mac”.