How To Put Folders In Your Dock

I got an email from someone asking for help in finding their Downloads folder which was once in their Dock but is now missing. They knew the Trash hasn’t been emptied but yet it was nowhere to be found.

First off, don’t worry. Losing icons or folders from your dock is nothing to worry about. The icons you see in the dock are just an alias of the application and can pulled out at anytime disappearing in a puff of smoke. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. It’s fun the first couple of times : )

The dock is laid out with applications to the left of the separator line and folders to the right.

(image 1)

(image 1)

Now, getting back to the Download folder. To find it again, go to your user folder and you’ll find it in there among the Desktop, Document and other folders that you may have created on your mac.
(See image 1)

To get that folder back into your dock again, click on the folder and drag it down to your dock. (This also works for any application icon) When you hover it over the folders that are already there a space will open up allowing you to drop the folder onto the dock. (See image 2)

(image 2)

(image 2)

(image 3)

(image 3)

Once the folder is back in the dock, to change it’s appearance from Stacks to Folder, right click / control click on the folder to reveal the folder menu and choose ‘Display as Folder’ (See image 3)

You should now once again have your downloads folder back in your dock.

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