How To Fix Apple TV Error 3689

This article gives step by step instructions on fixing this port error if you have a Linksys router, specifically a WRT160N Router.

After using my Apple TV for nine months without incidence suddenly one night I was faced with this Port 3689 Error. At first I couldn’t think what if anything on my system was different. I hadn’t changed any of my security, firewall or router settings, then I remembered iTunes. Earlier that day Apple had released a software update for iTunes which I had downloaded. Could that be it?

After Googling this error it seems that it’s pretty common except there doesn’t seem to be one definite fix for it. The main problem is that the error asks you to open port 3689 but the Firewall in Leopard doesn’t allow you to open specific ports and I didn’t like the suggestion of clicking on “Allow All Incoming Connections”. Didn’t work anyway.

So where to then? Your router. I’ll show you exactly what I did to fix error 3689 and hopefully if works for you too. At the end of the article I’ll also give you the other fixes to try.

Apple TV Error 3689 – Unable to Sync Apple TV


Apple TV is not responding, check firewall and allow communications on port 3689. Here’s how I fixed it.

Enter Your Router Settings


You enter your router settings through your web browser.
Open a new page in your web browser.
Enter and press return
If you have set up security settings on your router you will now be asked for your username and password.

If this is the first time you’re doing this leave the username blank and type admin as the password. (This is the usually way of setting up Linksys routers but refer to your router documentation if this does not work)

How To Open Port 3689


When you access your Router it will look similar to this. This is the setup for the Linksys WRT160N.
Click on the Applications & Gaming Tab


Navigate to Single Port Forwarding.

Enter information exactly into your router as I have here except where I’ve marked with the red box – this information may be different.

Your router hands out IP Addresses to all your devices, wired and wireless. In this case the IP Address for my Apple TV was as above but yours may differ. To find the IP Address for your Apple TV go to your Apple TV > Settings > General > Network.


One Final Step

Once all these new settings are in place, restart both your computer and Apple TV and fingers crossed all will be working again.

You may need to re-add your Apple TV to iTunes again (where you add the numbers so they see each other) but that done syncing should commence : )

Some Other Fixes To Try

In your firewall click “Allow All Incoming Settings”
In your firewall settings, Remove iTunes from specific services and applications and add it again. Sometimes after a software update the firewall doesn’t recognize the port updates.
Turn off all automatic launch software. Background network noise can sometimes upset things. You’ll find these in your System Preferences > Account > Login Items

Good Luck,


5 Responses

  1. My solution is below – some preamble first for those despairing as I was!

    I had exactly the same issue – purchased ATV yesterday to add to my iMac with Time Capsule WiFi network setup. ATV connected perfectly to the Web but I could not get it to sync with my iMac’s iTunes library. I wanted to stream rather than sync but couldn’t do either. Tried all previous suggestions – PRAM resets, Firewall to “Allow all incoming connections”, router changes – all to no avail.

    Console utility was reporting in its logs that my iMac was denying the ATV access.

    I’m lucky enough to be friends and neighbours with an excellent network admin who deals with Macs as well as PCs but we still couldn’t figure it (I’m an SQL DBA so know a little about networks too). He also has ATV and streams with no problem and had no installation or configuration issues.

    We wirelessly connected my ATV to his iTunes library and it worked first time, streaming like a dream. This ruled out ATV as the issue and put my iMac completely in the frame; we still couldn’t coax mine into accepting comms from ATV.

    Finally tried the NoobProof freeware utility. I used it to specifically set port 3689 to “Allow” i.e. wipe out any existing settings and set the damn thing to “Allow”. Bingo. Everything now works.

    It could be something I’ve done over the past 18 months since I switched to block that port so I cannot point blame at the iMac or ATV.

    Now it’s working I have to say I think ATV is just superb, another quality product from Apple (I didn’t think that way about 24 hours ago though!).

    Take-away: if you’re still getting the 3689 error then please try the NoobProof util (or something similar like WaterRoof) to at least rule out a genuine firewall rule is blocking the communication.

    I hope this helps someone – when I was tearing my hair out I found plenty of reports of this problem but not too many suggestions. Please write how you get on and any success you have with this really frustrating problem. Best of luck.

  2. It worked!!! Whoo hoo!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    This is SO great!

  3. Same problems here – latest iTunes upgrade suddenly failed to recognise Apple TV under Windows 7. Added firewall port exception and tried a bunch of stuff without a result.

    But this post inspired me to try something – the idea of setting up static port routing to a dynamic IP address (DHCP assigned in the pic above) just didn’t seem right, so I assigned a static IP address to the Apple TV unit outside of the DHCP range I had set up in my router.

    All works fine – just trasnferred 1,200 pictures and 1,100 songs without a problem.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you sooo much!!!! this worked for me!!!

  5. I tried all of the above – nothing worked for me. It is definitely not a firewall issue, though.

    What finally worked was

    1) disconnecting the ATV from the LAN,
    2) establishing a W-LAN-connection with the router,
    3) disconnecting from iTunes,
    4 reconnecting to iTunes …. e voilĂ .

    After that I was also able to connect via LAN again. So I do not think it is the iMac or the router – it is the ATV itself that struggles…

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