Setting Up Sync for .Mac & Mobile Me

Setting Up Sync for .Mac & Mobile Me

If setting up Sync for the first time, the following steps will walk you through it.

If you’ve already set up your Syncing but still have some questions when it comes to updating your data, bypass the first few steps and jump down to ‘Syncing Your Data’.

Setting Up Sync For The First Time

The sync preferences are to be found in your System Preferences – .Mac

Sign Into Your .Mac Account

1. Before setting up syncing you must be signed into your .mac account.

2. Once you’ve done that, click on Sync.

Setting Syncing Preferences

This is the Sync Panel. It’s where you can set up the frequency of your syncing, what you want to sync and if you’d like to see the syncing status in your menu bar.

You don’t have to sync everything on the list, check or uncheck the box next to each item to set up the syncing for that particular item or application.

If you’re setting up for Mobile Me, your calendars and contacts need to be set up for syncing.

Sync Extra Applications

If you scroll down, other applications that support syncing will appear on this list so you have the option if you wish to backup to your iDisk / Mobile Me Disk, or sync between other machines on your network.

Advanced – This is where you can register other computers on your network.

Syncing Computers On A Network

Optional – If you have more than one or more machines on a network that you want to keep synced, register each machine in this advanced panel.

* Each computer needs to be registered separately from it’s own syncing preference panel.

Ready To Sync

Once you’ve set all your preferences, click on ‘Sync Now’

Sync Alerts

Sync Alert Options

You can choose different syncing rules for each application.

Viewing Details

If you encounter an alert such as this, by clicking on Show Details to see what is being added, modified or deleted.

Resolving Sync Conflicts

This conflict refers to colors set in iCal for a calendar.

By clicking from one panel to the other you’ll notice that your options to resolve conflicts from location will also change. If addressing a conflict from iCal you can choose to resolve the issue by the rules on your machine or .mac

Resolving Conflicts – speed it up

Clicking on ‘Resolve all similar conflicts’ will save you having to go through each similar conflict one by one. Once all conflicts are resolved click Done to continue.

Backup Backup Backup

If syncing for the first time it’s always a good idea to have a backup of your data before trying something new, so that if something goes wrong and you loose your data, you’ll only have to go back to your last backup to retrieve your data again.

Backing up your data should be a daily occurrence but if you’ve let that side of things slide I recommend looking into Time Machine or SuperDuper. You can get download a free trial at

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