Secure Empty Trash

Secure Empty Trash

If you thought all you had to do was empty your trash to rid yourself of a sensitive file, think again. Files can be recovered from your hard-drive weeks and even months after you’ve deleted them. So what do you do?

Well, fear not. By following these simple steps you’re files will be erased forever.

Secure Empty Trash

If you’ve ever wondered what the Secure Empty Trash option under Empty Trash was, well as the name implies it will securely erase everything in your trash can.

1. Under the Finder menu, Choose > Secure Empty Trash

Emptying the Trash

The Trash Emptying Process Begins. The process takes longer than usual, depending on the number and size of files being deleated.

Once the contents of the trash are erased they cannot be recovered.

Copyright © 2008. & Annette Q. Benkie. All Rights Reserved.


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