Resize and Email Your Images Using iPhoto

Resize and Email Your Images Using iPhoto

Update Note – Thanks to a follower of my tutorials I’ve updated this tutorial and added an extra key command about selecting images. So thanks for that and as always if do you spot an error or something I’ve missed please let me know. Also if there’s some thing that you’d like to see a tutorial on I’m always open to suggestions. – Annette

When emailing images from iPhoto you have the option to resize images. For those new to this simple but powerful application the following tutorial will show you how simple it is to email your photos so even those on the slowest of dial up services can receive and enjoy.

Open iPhoto

You will find iPhoto in your toolbar.

If iPhoto is not in your toolbar, you will find it in the applications folder.

Selecting Your Photo for Emailing

1. Click on the photo that you would like to email. You can click one photo or shift click and select several photos at once.

2. Then click on the email button.

Additional consecutive images can be selected by holding down the shift key or non consecutive image by holding down the command key and clicking on eack key.

Choosing An Image Size

Once you press the email button, this dialog box pops up. If is from this box that you can resize the images for your email.

General Rule of Thumb (this will of course depend on your camera and resolution of photo)

Small – Images for websites – small

Medium – Perfect for emailing and viewing photos online

Large – Should have no problems printing 4×6 prints (image resolution dependent)

Actual Size – Will need Full Quality image to print anything larger than regular snapshot.

Once you set the size you want, press Compose.

Sending Your Email

Mail automatically opens with the resized photo or photos in a new mail ready to be addressed.

Note: The size of the photo is in the corner of the page

Now Address your email, type your message and press send.

Your photo has been resized, and you’ve saved the recipient the hassle of scrolling up and down to see the full picture.

Additional Information:

Watch the quicktime movie that accompanies this tutorial on

Free Stock Photography from


2 Responses

  1. how do you resize an image for web use because it’s frustrating to use the email program and then download the attachment.

  2. John,

    Saving images for web use is easy with iPhoto. Select the image you want to save for web use (you can save multiple image at one time), Go to File – Export, and in the pop up box choose from either File Export or Web Page. File Export will give you simple options and in Web Page you’ll have more control over the size of how you save photos.

    Hope this helps. Don’t forget to check out our main site at for regular tutorials.

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