Sharing Folders Between User Accounts

Sharing Folders Between User Accounts

Need to move folders between users on your machine? Setting up public folders is one way of method. Follow these steps and you should be moving files in no time.

Step 1 – Go to System Preferences – .Mac

The next few steps will have to be repeated for each user account that you want to share. We want to share between 2 user accounts so we’d complete these settings in two accounts.

Step 2 – Setup Sharing Preferences

1. Click on Back to My Mac

2. Click on Open Sharing Preferences

Step 3 – Select File Sharing –

1. If the panel is grayed out, remember to unlock the panel

2. Select File Sharing

3. I’m in my admin account so I’ll choose the admins public folder

4. Set the other user accounts permission to read and write to that folder

Repeat Steps 1-3 on other user accounts

Repeat these steps in the system preference panel of the other user account/accounts that you wish to share with this user.

Where to find your shared folders

Click on the hard drive icon to reveal all the user folders

Users – Public Folders

1. You’ll find your public folders under the users

2. This icon on a folder indicates that it is locked. you’ll notice that the public folder does not have this icon. This is because we unlocked it by setting up file sharing in our system preferences.

3. We are logged into the account of Learn Macs Online but because the admin’s public folder is unlocked all files within that folder can be accessed without having to log out of this user account and back into the admin account.

Copyright © 2008 – Annette Q. Benkie


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